Haudenosaunee National Call for Mothers of Nations

The time has come for a historical gathering of women and Nations. On April 8, 2024 Grandmother Moon beckons for your return to the source through a transformative experience in ceremony, healing and empowerment under a full solar eclipse that will remind us of peace.

At Ganondagan (what is now commonly called, Victor, New York), we will gather, our minds will come together as one and we will give thanks and call for peace; that is the best that we can do.

Women's Nomination Belt

The oldest continuing democracy in the world is based on

a matrilineal order founded on a system of a foundational mother named, Tsiokonsaseh. Five warring nations united in peace over one thousand years ago.

"We, The Rotinoshonni, are a people who have continued to adhere to principles and philosophies entrenched within our very own existence, that of which is the Kaianerekowa, also referred to as the great law of peace or the constitution of the Haudenosaunne (Iroquois) Confederacy.

The Kaianerakowa or Great Law of Peace is a natural body of principles which is complete and supersedes that of the United States and Canada “De facto” Constitution. We have continued to adhere to the Kaienerekowa through our diplomatic relation and cycle of ceremonies.

 We will forever, continue to uphold our responsibility of protecting the land and water for the use and enjoyment of our future generations, as long as the sun shines and the grass shall grow."

Pictured: Women's Nomination Belt

2024 Women's Wampum Mat/Belt

The monumental 2024 full solar eclipse will align with each of the Haudenosaunee Nations from New York State to Quebec.


Full Solar Eclipse 2024

On April 8, 2024, all of our Haudenosaunee nations are on the exact path of a full total solar eclipse.

There is no evidence researched where this exact eclipse path has happened since the stories of Kayanarekówa and this path is not predicted past the year 3000.

See resource page and images/links on this page: Eclipse 2024

At the time that we joined together to ratify the Kayanarekówa (Great Peace), a total eclipse darkened the skies so deeply that the nocturnal animals woke to encircle and witness the calm of the people who unified under the Great White Pine. As our brother the Sun re-emerged from behind the kindness of Grandmother Moon, all Onkwehonwe were awakened with a new sense of unity and we intend to walk in that state of unity until the end of time.

This full solar eclipse is a monumental time for the Haudenosaunee reminding us of of why we put down our weapons and gathered under the Great Pine for the inception of the confederacy and the embracing of Kaianere'ko:wa/Kayannere'ké:wa/Gawyehnehshehgowa/Kayanla Kówa/Gayanesra:gowan, or Great Law of Peace.

It is a time to revisit the travels of Peacemaker, retell the story of Skywoman and recapture the serenity of her descendant, Tsiokonsaseh (Mother of Nations, Mother of Peace).

In this dangerously violent world, it is a time to remind ourselves how we came to be of Good Mind. We call on her.

In it's totality, the eclipse path will cross Turtle Island; passing over Mexico, United States, and Canada. Maps are here.

Sun + Moon; An Eternal Love Affair

This is a monumental love affair. As a full Grandmother Moon rises during the late evening of March 24 into the early morning hours of March 25, she will travel through Mother Earth’s penumbra, or the faint outer part of her shadow; a penumbral eclipse. She is dancing for Brother Sun! Playfully hiding before their intimate connection on April 8th.

She will eclipse both Mother Earth and Brother sun exactly 2 weeks apart! There is also a meteor shower on the next Full Moon (April). So this a lot to absorb and think about. I'll be very interested in how everyone responds, how the waters change and the people show up for each other.

Call for peace. Call for attention to the Sky World. Look up and acknowledge the messages from Spirit World. It couldn't be any clearer that we need to take action now.

World peace and heightened unity around loving the environment that sustains us is vital.

What can you do? INSPIRE others! If all you can do is worry about your little corner of the world then ask everyone to do the same - every safe & happy corner matters. Love your community, see everyone as valuable and give them all reason to contribute to making their space happy and safe.

See each other as the Moon sees the Sun; vastly different and equally important.

Konorunkwa, I adore you.

Haudenosaunee women have equal political power

in the governance of the people and absolute control over their bodies to choose if, when, and how they would birth. She is the foundational law that is central to all facets of society within the first democracy known to the world.

More than a century ago the suffrage leaders had never experienced such an equality. It was Haudenosaunee women who taught suffrage leaders the social safety, political power, and spiritual balance of gender equality. The suffrage diaries contain examples of independence and describe the ceremonies that grounded their vision and led the way to Seneca Falls.

Women ceremonies of the Haudenosaunee are as old as the moon and rarely shared

There is an underlying consciousness in the hearts of all people - all races, all religions, all spiritualities that recognize ONE MOTHER, the earth.

In 2011, Bear Clan Mother Wakerakatste opened the door to the moon lodge for our sisters once again to begin a new cycle in the medicine of time with the following message:

“My Dear Sisters ... the moon shines her light and calls forth the bounty of mother earth.  The answer has come!

I’m forever astounded by her wisdom.

The answer came with a butterfly; the more I chased it the more it flew beyond my grasp.  Sitting peacefully near the lodge just moments ago the ceremonial cord started to pull. Inside my moments of peace, a flying flower, the butterfly came and danced for me and then sat on my toe.  Like a meteorite falling from a cosmic center it hit me, filled with exhilaration, the message was all too clear … restore the spiritual balance of women and watch the metamorphosis of the earth. 

The two earth’s message … choose one? 

I choose life, I choose earth, I choose mother.”

By restoring the heart of the Mother, we become ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLANET, with ONE PURPOSE.

Natural Law, Natural Order.

From the heart to the muscle.

When you live in a feminine world there is LOVE, there is EQUALITY, there is BALANCE…


Protect her and she will provide.


This is not a comprehensive list of images, language or research. Nor are the stories or descriptions written by scholars (with the exception of cited research links). This site is meant to be general information and condensed stories for those who are interested in beginning their learning journey and/or seek a better understanding of the 2024 eclipse and the matrilineal ways of the Haudenosaunee. You may also find spelling and language discrepancies, please encounter them with an open mind to the fluidity and complex nature of our dialects and language.

At the time that we joined together to ratify the Kayanare(n)kówa (Great Peace), a total eclipse darkened the skies so deeply that the nocturnal animals woke to encircle and witness the calm of the people who unified under the Great White Pine. As our brother the Sun re-emerged from behind the kindness of Grandmother Moon, all Onkwehonwe were awakened with a new sense of unity and we intend to walk in unity until the end of time.

Some kononkwe (women) are weaving the significance of the eclipse at the time of Kayanarekówa into the one that approaches in 2024. In this world of war, we are reminded of the monumental role that Peace Mother, Tsiokonsaseh played in establishing unity, equality and peace among the nations.

We are calling in peace now and we are elevating Peace Mother and our voices to call for reunification. Some believe that Tekanawita/Deganawida (Peacemaker) will return in this time of great wars.

Foundational to Haudenosaunee identity is the transmission of feminine knowledge, social structures and diplomacy and we have found a time and place to recapture that way of understanding; under the sky, hand in hand, in song and in a display of effeminate matrilineal power.

"Woman is the first environment. In pregnancy, our bodies sustain life. At the Breast of women, the generations are nourished. From the bodies of women flows the relationship of those generations both to society and the natural world. In this way the earth is our mother, the old people said. In this way, we as women are earth"

Katsi Cook, Mohawk Midwife, Akwesasne

Eclipse | April 8, 2024 | 3:20pm EST Buffalo

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